Lelaki Ini Hanya Tinggal RM100 Untuk Bayar Kos Rawatan Kanser Bapanya Bernilai RM11 RIBU! Apa yang berlaku di kaunter pembayaran hospital buatkan lelaki ini menangis

Perkongsian di laman Facebook oleh Razali Raihayu


I’d like to share a story.

I was queuing at the payment counter in HKL for my late dad’s urgent radio-therapy for his cancer, we were so broke that month.


I have only Rm100 in my pocket(and 0 In bank). that was all the money we have for our lunch, and fuel/toll back to Melaka.

when the long bill was finally printed, my heart sank, the total bill was RM11,000+. and the officer saw my reaction and keep on smiling to me and says, “Encik jangan risau, sila pergi ke Kaunter Hasil”.

I proceeded as instructed, and the officer there printed another long bill after confirming my dad’s NRIC,
in it, printed on it are the same itemized treatment, with 0 value and a remarks *warganegara*

the final bill was RM31.80

i cried on the spot, and thanking all the officers there for helping me, and they simply says; “takpe encik, semua warganegara layak”

to all who likes to compare our healthcare services with others, you all needed to shut up, you’ve no idea on how the poor people felt like. you’ve not been rock bottom down, that’s why you can say so arrogantly. but remember, the wheel is turning.

Komen asal di status yang di muat naik oleh DYMM PERMAISURI JOHOR Zarith Sofiah Idris

Komen yang yang di buat oleh saudara Razali Raihayu ini dikongsi pula oleh pengamal perubatan Alzamani Mohammad Idrose dan mendapat perhatian ramai

Cost and Value of Services at the Emergency Department

When you come to the public hospital, often the real cost is not shown.

For RM1 that you pay at the Emergency Department of Ministry of Health hospitals, you typically get.

1. Consultation – which can even go to consultant level (RM200)

2. X-Ray (RM 100)

3. Ultrasound for some cases (RM150)

4. CT scan for some cases (RM 500)

5. Blood tests (RM 150)

6. Drugs (RM 150)

TOTAL = RM 1250

You pay RM1. We absorb RM1249

*conservative estimates. Will be more if fluids, Antibiotics, painkiller injections, nursing services and bed use/accommodation for observation and charting costs included. More costs if patient requires resuscitation, procedures, ventilators.

For outpatient treatment at the Emergency Department with simple fever but requiring blood tests, CXR, antibiotics and observation  (no CT SCAN, Ultrasound) the estimated cost is RM 500.
You pay RM1 and we absorb RM499.

We just hope you don’t value us as only RM1.

Because we know our worth

Jadi kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia harus bersyukur dan rasa bertuah kerana masih lagi mampu mendapatkan rawatan kesihatan yang baik dengan kos yang masih murah.

Tidakdi nafikan memang terdapat perkhidmatan yang perlu di naikkan taraf lagi tapi ianya bukanlah sebab untuk kita ( rakyat Malaysia) untuk nafikan kehebatan dan berterusan memperlekehkan perkhidmatan perubatan negara kita ini.